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Big Fish Games launches new mahjong game

Big Fish Games is known in the gaming industry as one of the giants. The company has created a long list of games and they have now released a new mahjong game. The company started out with a mahjong game almost a decade ago and now they are launching yet another mahjong game, this time for the iPad. (29/07)

Mahjong Logic signs deal with Dora Mahjong

Mahjong Logic has been signing deals left and right, offering their services to various companies across the globe. The latest deal signed was with Dora Mahjong. Mahjong Logic will be providing their various mahjong gaming options and services to Dora Mahjong, which is a major gaming site in Japan. (22/07)

New Mahjong game now available on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site where members can enjoy staying in contact with friends as well as family members. The site is also known for their gaming selections and just recently a new mahjong game has been added. King, an online provider of gaming content, recently added a new mahjong game called Mahjong Saga to the website. (15/07)

New Mobile Mahjong App teaches the Chinese Language

Ever thought about learning another language but was unsure how to do so? Or thought a language class would be hard or boring? Now there is a new way to learn the Chinese language thanks to TileSpeak Software. The mobile application developer has created a new mahjong application that can be played on various mobile devices and teach the Chinese language during game play. (11/07)

Plus-Five Gaming to add mahjong via Mahjong Logic

Plus –Five Gaming will soon be offering their players mahjong gaming options after they recently signed an agreement with Mahjong Logic. Plus-Five Gaming is a white label gaming solutions provider and they will now be offering Mahjong Logic Gaming to their portfolio of products. (08/07)

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