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Mahjong Logic Partners with HoGaming

Mahjong Logic is a top provider of online mahjong gaming and they have partnered with many different gaming companies over the years to be able to offer millions of people mahjong options. The software provider recently signed a partnership with HoGaming which is a live dealer gaming provider. (23/05)

New Mahjong Application available for Android Mobile

The Android mobile phone is one of the most popular mobile devices available on the market today. Many people own the Android for the technology it provides as well as the applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed. There are hundreds of applications available for the Android from gaming options to practical options like a flashlight and GPS application. (20/05)

Astraware Mahjong among top Nook Color downloaded applications

Reading tablets have become a popular choice for readers as they can download thousands of books to one device instead of having to have a book for every story they would like to read. Reading tablets make enjoying a book very convenient and there are many choices for people to choose from. The readers can also be used to enjoy online activities like games and other applications. (18/05)

Android Market adds JanNavi Mahjong option

Android users can now enjoy a new mahjong option thanks to JanNavi. The JanNavi Mahjong Online the world version has now been released and is sure to become popular with Android users. The game started out in Japan and was enjoyed by thousands of players, over 10,000 at one time. (13/05)

Astraware Mahjong launches exclusively for NOOK Color

NOOK Color is an e-reader available at Barnes and Noble that allows owners to read thousands of books as well as access the internet and download applications. It was recently announced that Astraware is releasing several of their games for the NOOK one of which is Astraware Mahjong. (06/05)

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