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Unusual Mahjong style game released for Android

Mahjong is an ancient skill game that has been played for centuries. The game can be found in board form as well as online at casinos, gaming sites and social networks in many forms. There are also applications that can be downloaded for mobile devices for players to be able to enjoy the game. There are hundreds of versions of mahjong that can be downloaded and one company recently released a unique version of the game for Android users to enjoy. (29/04)

Elderly woman kidnapped by mahjong partner

The Taichung City police force was finally able to make an arrest in a kidnapping case and find the woman that was kidnapped. A woman named Hsu was kidnapped on April 14th by who has been reported as her mahjong partner. (25/04)

Mahjong Logic adds new licensee

Mahjong Logic is a strong hold when it comes to online mahjong options. The mahjong provider has many licensees under their belt and they have just signed another operator to their lineup. Tycoonbet has now been added as a new licensed operator of Mahjong Logic software. (25/04)

Sunsoft creates new 3D Mahjong Game

Mahjong has been around for centuries and still remains one of the most popular games in the world. People from all over the world enjoy the game in many forms from board game style play to online casino style gaming. The game of mahjong has remained a mainstay and now a software company has released a new and never before seen version of the game. (22/04)

Mahjong and other games to get new ratings in China

In the next few months, many of the popular games in China are going to be rated differently. The Ministry of Economic Affairs just announced that games such as mahjong, poker, roulette and rolling dice that are played on computers will now be considered under the ‘Protect’ category instead of the ‘General” category. (20/04)

Audit Commission busting mahjong dens in Hong Kong

Some store rooms and stalls at various markets in Hong Kong have remained empty for years now and the Housing Authority has allowed unauthorized users to host mahjong games in the facilities. The Audit Commission of Hong Kong is now cracking down on the Housing Authority and hosting daily patrols to keep players from enjoying mahjong in the areas. (18/04)

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