Mahjong News - Archive 2011-03
5-in-1 Mahjong best choice for DS users

The DSi Shop is a busy place for DS gamers. Players are able to earn points as well as purchase points that can be used to purchase new video games. the Shop has many options of gaming choices including many mahjong game options. However with all of these options it seems as though the 5-in-1 Mahjong game is the most popular among players. (18/03)

New 3D Mahjong game released by Mobivention

Mobivention is a company that creates software for online gaming companies. Mobivention recently announced they have launched their popular mahjong game in a new style. The game is now available in 3D and players have more options available with the game. (14/03)

New DS game features Mahjong

The Nintendo DS is a favorite gaming system among many around the world from kids to adults. Many times parents purchase the handheld gaming system for their children and they find that it is just as fun for them. A new game has been released by O-Games that are sure to be a hit with adults. The new game has a collection of fifty games one of which is the ever popular mahjong game. (10/03)

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