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Elderly in Japan enjoying new Healthy Mahjong

There is a new type of mahjong available that is gaining popularity especially within the elderly Japanese community. The new game is called Kenko Mahjong which means healthy mahjong. The game has been gaining ground especially with elderly players. The game has become popular since betting, drinking alcohol and smoking have been banned during the game. (29/12)

Mahjong Player Killed during game

The game of mahjong is very popular in Asian culture as well as all around the world. The game is played by millions of people and sometimes it can become so addicting that things can get out of hand. Players have died during marathon gaming sessions as well as hurt themselves or other people. (27/12)

Mahjong Players not happy about possible smoking ban

Nanchang a city in China may soon be smoke free if health authorities have their way. Smoking takes place everywhere from hospitals to schools, cabs, elevators, restaurants, bars, etc. health officials would love to see smoking cease but people are not going to be happy if a ban is enforced, especially mahjong players. (22/12)

HD Version of Mahjong Epic now available for download

Mahjong is a very popular game for players all over the world so it is no surprise that the game is one of the top downloaded games on mobile devices. The game comes in many variations and forms and one option is the Mahjong Epic game from Kristanix Games. The company recently announced the HD version is now available for download at the App Store. (17/12)

Mahjong Triplet HD Popular Choice for iPad/iPod Users

Mahjong is a popular game for both gamblers and gamers alike. The game can be enjoyed for fun as well as for cash, depending on the situation. Those who like to play the game for fun can find hundreds of variations online to enjoy. Players can enjoy the game via their PC, Mac or mobile device. One of the most popular versions of mahjong available for mobile device users is the Mahjong Triplet HD Version. (06/12)

In Poculis releases new mahjong update

In Poculis is a software developer that creates games for players to enjoy. The company recently announced they have released an update to their popular free mahjong game which is available for Windows and Mac OS X. the new version is called Mahjong In Poculis 3.5 and is currently available. (01/12)

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