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Mahjong Addiction causes parent to make bad decision

Everyone knows that gambling addictions can be destructive to people’s lives especially if the person who has the addiction has a family or children. Many casino games can become addictive to players but one game where players seem to do very crazy things is the game of mahjong. (24/11)

Astraware Limited Mahjong for mobile devices

Astraware Limited is a company that develops gaming software for various devices including the most popular at the moment; mobile devices. The company has released a mahjong game called Astraware Mahjong that offers players a unique version of mahjong to enjoy. (19/11)

Mahjong Logic Signs New Company

Mahjong Logic is one of the top companies in the mahjong industry. Mahjong Logic provides the game of mahjong all across the world via their mahjong software and they recently announced they have signed a new licensee. Hero Mahjong will now be working with Mahjong Logic to provide their players with the best online mahjong software. (15/11)

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