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Mobivention launches new mahjong application for iPhone

Mahjong is a hot game right now and it seems every available software company is releasing their own version for mobile devices. Mobile device owners love to download applications and mahjong is the popular choice for those who have iPhones, iPads and Androids. The latest application to be released comes from Mobivention. (27/10)

Mahjong Launches on Nintendo DSiWare via DTP Young Entertainment

Millions of people enjoy the game of mahjong. The game is extremely popular in Asia in board form and has been popular for thousands of years. Because the game is so popular, it quickly found a place online. There are hundreds of online gaming sites that offer the game of mahjong. There are computer games as well as video games available that allow players to enjoy the game. (25/10)

MegaZebra’s Mahjong Trails Grows in Popularity on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular online social network available today. The social networking site has billions of registered users who check up on friends and family, network with others in their field and just plain snoop. But one great aspect of Facebook that millions if not billions enjoy is online gaming. (22/10)

Shanghai Mahjong gets new update

Shanghai Mahjong is a very popular mahjong game that can be played on the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Players simply download the game application and then they can play from anywhere in the world just by using their mobile device. As technology advances, most applications tend to receive updates so the games offer even more for the players. Shanghai Mahjong was recently updated and now offers players the 1.7 version. (20/10)

EveryMatrix Partners with Mahjong Logic

EveryMatrix is a provider of sports betting and gaming options and they recently partnered with Mahjong Logic to provide online mahjong gaming for their players. Mahjong Logic is a top mahjong provider and they will be working with EveryMatrix to add their online mahjong games to the clients of EveryMatrix. (18/10)

Mahjong Player Kills Gaming Partner

Mahjong is an extremely popular game especially in the Asian community. Asian mahjong players have been known to go to extremes during marathon gaming sessions, in some instances players will become dehydrated, suffer heart attacks or even get violent. In recent mahjong news, a mahjong player killed her partner for unknown reasons. (15/10)

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