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New Mahjong Application on Facebook

Facebook is a major part of everyday society. The online social network is accessed by millions of users each day, as they connect friends and network with others in their field as well as play games and just have fun. The site launches new applications which can be enjoyed by players every day and now Mahjong Time has announced they have launched a Facebook application as well. (30/08)

Chan Tak Kwan wins World Series of Mahjong

The third annual World Series of Mahjong took place just a few days ago and over two hundred players registered to compete. Players hailed from over ten different countries and it was furniture salesman from Hong Kong, Chan Tak Kwan who was able to claim the win. (27/08)

Mahjong Journey Launched for DS

MumboJumbo is a software company that is constantly creating new games for players to enjoy. The company recently announced they have launched a new game for the Nintendo DS called Mahjong Journey. (23/08)

DSIWare Launches 3D Mahjong

Those who own a DSI will be happy to hear that DSIWare has launched 3D Mahjong for players to enjoy. This is the second release of 3D Mahjong and players will find there are fifty layouts and creative options on the newly released game. (18/08)

Mahjong Solitaire Ltd launches new Mahjong Website

Mahjong Solitaire Ltd. recently announced they have launched a new free mahjong site online. Players can enjoy a large selection of mahjong games for free on the new site. Mahjong Solitaire is set up quite well and players will find they offer the best in mahjong gaming. (16/08)

WSOM Winner Coming back for Third Edition of the Series

The World Series of Mahjong is coming back for its third season and players from all over the world are expected to compete in the event. Alex Ho Kwok-Hung was the winner of the World Series of Mahjong back in 2008 and he has announced he will be coming back to compete in this year’s series. (12/08)

Mahjong Elements HD launched for iPad

The iPad is an extremely popular mobile device right now and everyone is hoping to own one. One of the most popular games on the iPad is mahjong. Mahjong is a popular game anyway, online as well as in board game form, but the different versions available for the iPad are very popular. (06/08)

Mass Mahjong Competition a Great Success

A Large Mahjong competition was held recently in Taipei at the arena for students to compete against one another. The event was organized by online gaming companies and over six hundred students from ten different colleges signed up to participate in the event. (02/08)

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