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New Mahjong Board Game Expected to Launch This Winter

Mahjong is a very popular game in Asian community as well as all around the world. Whether it is online or the board game, mahjong players love the game and will play it at a regular if not additive pace. Fans of the game will be excited to hear that a new board game is set to release this holiday season for players to enjoy. (30/07)

Mahjong Games leads to player getting stabbed

We have brought you many, many stories of how serious mahjong players are about the game. Players are so serious about the game that they have died because of it. The most recent story comes out of Edmonton where a man stabbed another man after he lost at the game of mahjong. (28/07)

Penny Scratch Launches new Mahjong scratch card game

Penny Scratch is an online scratch card site where players can test their luck and hopefully win a nice prize. The site recently announced they have launched a new scratch card which is based on the popular game Mahjong. (26/07)

Shanghai Mahjong: Top Rated Game for Mobile Devices

Mahjong is a very popular game that is played by millions of people around the world. The game can be played online as well as in board form. For people on the go, there are many options of mahjong for mobile devices. One of these options is the Shanghai Mahjong game. The game was created by MobileAge Inc and the game is currently listed as one of the most popular versions of mahjong available for mobile devices. (19/07)

Doctors in China Give Patient Mahjong Related diagnosis

The game of mahjong is serious business in China and because players take the game so seriously, many players begin to have health problems after playing marathon gaming sessions. Players have had heart attacks, pain and even death due to the game. (16/07)

Man Dies as Mahjong Players Continue Game

There are many reports of mahjong addiction. From players who have heart attacks during marathon sessions as well as fights breaking out during a game. The most recent report of mahjong addiction comes from Chengdu where a man fainted from his mahjong table and lay dying while his fellow competitors continued their game. (09/07)

Group arrested in Indonesia for Illegal Mahjong activities

This past Wednesday a cyber café and coffee shop was raided by Seri Kembangan police. The raid resulted in thirteen arrests due to illegal mahjong and online betting activities. One of the people arrested was an Indonesian woman the rest were all males. (02/07)

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