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New Mahjong Game now available for mobile devices

It seems like every week a new mahjong game is launched for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. The game of mahjong is very popular and having the ability to play it on a mobile device is very enticing. The latest offering comes from Joymaster which is based in Taiwan. (30/06)

WSOM Details Announced

The World Series of Mahjong will be beginning soon and the details of the event have now been announced. The tournament is scheduled for August 19th through the 22nd at the Venetian Macao Resort and Hotel. Players can register now to compete in the much anticipated event. (25/06)

WSOM 2010 Challenge Tournaments Announced by Mahjongclub

The Mahjongclub recently announced the final dates for their Challenge Tournaments. The challenge tournaments are for the 2010 World Series of Mahjong and they will be taking place this July. Players will be able to enter into two qualifiers prior to the challenges for just one dollar. (16/06)

Mahjong Epic HD for iPad

Another mahjong game is becoming popular on the iPad. The game is called Mahjong Epic HD and it was just released on June 11th. The game has strong and clear graphics which make for interesting game play. The great thing about the application for the iPad is that the game is absolutely free! (14/06)

Taichung Police Officers Found Playing Mahjong with Alleged Gangster

Alleged gangster Weng Chi-nan of Taichung was recently shot just a few days ago and on the scene were a few police officers. This may seem normal but the police officers were not there to help they were playing mahjong and having tea with Chi-nan. (03/06)

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