Mahjong News - Archive 2010-05
In Poculis Releases update to Mahjong Game

In Poculis an independent software developer announced recently that their In Poculis Mahjong 3.1 has been updated. The free solitaire game has been updated for the Mac OS X and Windows. The game is perfect for those who love the game and since it is free, it is a great game for mahjong players to check out. (24/05)

Another Mahjong Title for iPad

The iPad has taken off as more and more people buy the new mobile device from Apple. The iPad, for those who do not know, is a large mobile device that has a large screen so it is perfect for downloading games. MobileAge, a software provider, has a game called Shanghai Mahjong that is available for players to download for the iPad. (14/05)

Moonlight Mahjong popular for iPad

The iPad is the must have gadget right now as it offers owners the ability to have a larger mobile device and of course it is from Apple. There are many applications for iPad users to download and one of the most popular is the Moonlight Mahjong game. (12/05)

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