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World Mahjong Championship to be sponsored by Mahjong Logic

Mahjong Logic recently announced they have signed a sponsorship deal with the European Mahjong Association for the World Mahjong Championship. Mahjong Logic will be the main sponsor for the event which is going to be hosted by the Dutch Mahjong Association and take place in Utrecht, Netherland on August 27th through the 29th. (28/04)

Moonlight Mahjong launched for iPad

The iPad is the latest technological fad to be released by Apple. Fans of Apple items have flocked to buy the device which has a large screen where players can enjoy games and other items of entertainment. The iPad offers players many applications for enjoyment and one that players really seem to like is the Moonlight Mahjong game. (22/04)

GameFront Releases new Mahjong Game

GameFront is a gaming software provider and they recently announced the release of their newest game. The new game is called KL Mahjong and it is now available at the App Store to be played on iPhone or the iPod touch. (20/04)

Bet365 launches live dealer mahjong pai gow game

Bet365 is a popular online casino that offers live dealer games. Many online casinos offer live dealer games but Bet365 recently launched a new live dealer game which is unique to their site. The new game is Mahjong Pai Gow and it is a game that can be found at many older casinos in Macau. (12/04)

Ambrosia Announces new mahjong game

Ambrosia Software recently announced they have a new game created that will be released for the iPad. The new game is called Aki Mahjong and Ambrosia recently released a sneak peak of the game for players to see fun the game will be. (07/04)

Public Officials Arrested for Playing Mahjong

In recent mahjong news, nine public officials in Shenzhen were suspended in an investigation because they reportedly drove to a restaurant to play mahjong during work hours. The nine officials have been reportedly involved in gambling on many occasions. (05/04)

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