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Hundreds Celebrate Chinese New Year by playing Mahjong

About three hundred people came to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library in Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The people gathered to honor 2010 as the Year of the Tiger. Mahjong games took place as well as kung fu and colorful dancers. (24/02)

Man Dies after Marathon Mahjong Session

This past Sunday a middle age man of Kaohsiung passed away after a marathon session of mahjong. The man was playing mahjong with his friends when he was rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital around 10pm at night. The man had suddenly collapsed after a 10 hour mahjong game with friends at his home. (17/02)

Shanghai’s Elderly Taking Drugs for Mahjong Marathons

A state newspaper has reported that middle aged and elderly residents of Shanghai are turning to drugs to get them through marathon gaming session of mahjong and cards. People are using ketamine, cocaine and methamphetamine to be able to compete for long periods of time. (11/02)

Mahjong Club Offering 2010 WSOM Seats

The 2010 World Series of Mahjong is coming up this august and the Mahjong Club is getting ready to offer players seats to the competition. The WSOM will begin on August 19th and it will continue until the 22nd at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel. (05/02)

Woman Hoping to Introduce Mahjong Game to Area

Mahjong is a very popular game in Asian culture and other countries have started to pick up on the trend. The tile matching game is enjoyed by many and one Hampshire woman is hoping to make the game popular in her area. (03/02)

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