Mahjong News - Archive 2009-11
Renewal of Mahjong License to be reviewed by Kedah

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak stated that the Kedah government of Alor Setar will be reviewing the renewal of Mahjong license and approval will not be granted automatically. Approval will only be granted after the local council entertainment committees have been consulted. (25/11)

Ashcroft Man Arrested for Hiding Heroin in Mahjong Tiles

Criminals will try anything to smuggle items to foreign countries. We have all heard stories of how criminals try to smuggle drugs or other illegal items to other countries to earn a profit but this latest story is one that is quite unusual. (23/11)

Mahjong Parlor Fire Kills Four People in Shizuoka

Early Tuesday morning a fire gutted a two story mahjong parlor in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The fire killed four men and three more people were injured and hospitalized during the incident. (19/11)

Mahjong Time to Close Affiliate Program

Mahjong Time is a company that provides mahjong software and complete turnkey solutions. The San Diego based company has an affiliate program and they also operate Mahjong Time Online Casino and it has been reported that Income Access will be terminating their affiliate program with Mahjong Time at the end of November. (16/11)

Mahjong Game Causes Players to Fight

Two players who were left competing in a mahjong game in western Garapan ended up fighting each other this past Friday night. One player was left with multiple injuries after the fight was over. This is not the first time the game of Mahjong has caused fights or odd injuries. (04/11)

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