Mahjong News - Archive 2009-07
Comcast Offering Mahjong and Other Games through Online Portal

Comcast is often a household name as they are a provider of cable television for millions of homes across the United States. The cable giant has now announced they are offering games such as mahjong and solitaire through an online portal in conjunction with RealNetworks. (22/07)

Sengoku Mahjong and Other Games Now Available in Japan for PS3 and PSP

The PlayStation is a very popular game system. The game system has many cool features but the most used feature is most likely the PlayStation Network. Players can do so much on the network including game demos as well as game downloads. Japan recently announced new game downloads to their network and one of those games is Sengoku Mahjong. (16/07)

DafaGames Relaunches with More Chinese Games

DafaGames is a peer-to-peer online gaming website and they recently re-launched their website. The site underwent extensive technical development as well as a re-branding phase and now is offering more Chinese games such as mahjong for their players. (02/07)

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