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Artex Studios Released Mahjong Zodiac for Linux

Linux users will be glad to hear the Artex Studios has released Mahjong Zodiac for their gaming enjoyment. Mahjong Zodiac is now available for Linux users as the Company wanted to offer the Windows game for everyone by spreading to a wider audience. (24/06)

Man Burns House after Wife Denys Money for Mahjong

Previous articles have included players who have suffered comas, heart problems, broken bones, death and many other afflictions. It seems that marathon sessions of mahjong are the problem behind these conditions but one man recently did something outrageous because he was denied money to play the game. (17/06)

Another Mahjong Player Gets Hurt While Enjoying the Game

Mahjong is an extremely popular game all over the world and it seems that most diligent players come from Asia, where the game originated. Reports have surfaced that players have went into comas, suffered heart attacks and other crazy things while playing marathon games of mahjong. The most recent player broke a bone while playing the game. (11/06)

Tainan Judge Let Go for Playing Mahjong

Tainan Branch Judge of the Taiwan High Prosecutors office, Hsu Hong-chi, has been let go from his judging duties for playing the game of mahjong. Hsu was let go because he chose to rule the former Tainan county Council speaker Chou Wu-liu innocent in a vote-buying lawsuit back in 2001. The problem was that Hsu and Chou played mahjong together. (08/06)

Marathon Mahjong Session Puts Man in Coma

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that is popular on an international level. The game involves skill, strategy and calculation and can be found in progress just about anywhere in China. However the game is so popular that sometimes players may find themselves hurting instead of winning. (03/06)

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