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Mahjong Debt Leads Man to Attempt Murder

We all know that addiction can lead people to do crazy things. People addicted to gambling have done it all. From selling their possessions, lying to their spouse or robbing to pay off their debts, the addiction can lead to it all. One man in China tried to kill his wife to settle his outstanding gambling debt. (26/02)

Mahjong Player Suffers From Face Paralysis

Over the years many wild and crazy stories have surfaced about players who have suffered illness or death due to long sessions of playing Mahjong. The game is so popular in many parts of the world that marathon gaming sessions take place for twenty four hours or more. Just a few months ago a man died from playing Mahjong for a long period of time. Most recently a man from Shenzhen suffered facial paralysis after playing the game all night long. (13/02)

Mahjong Time Teams up with 343 Sports Group

It was recently announced by Mahjong Time that the provider of online mahjong platforms had signed a partnership with the 343 Sports Group. The 343 Sports Group would be an exclusive licensee of Mahjong Time game software. As the company works together they will create and launch a Chinese facing online mahjong destination, which will play a major role on the 343 Sports Group website. (11/02)

Old Friends Face Fine for Illegally Gambling on Mahjong

Recently seven men were playing mahjong as friends. The game became a little friendlier when they began to place cash bets on the outcome. This of course is illegal in Malaysia. The men plead guilty to playing the game stating they are old and were just playing to pass the time. (05/02)

iPhone and WiiWare add Mahjong Zodiac Game

The iPhone and WiiWare for Nintendo Wii will be adding the game Mahjong Zodiac very soon. Artex Studios recently announced the release of the game for both electronic systems. Players interested in the upcoming release can check out the Mahjong Zodiac game at the Artex Studios website, CasualGameStore. (02/02)

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