Mahjong News - Archive 2009-01
Hallmark Channel Online Website Adds Mahjong Game

The Hallmark Channel recently announced they had added several games to their online website as a way to add more appeal to their website. The new game section is called Fun & Games and features a new Mahjong game called Café Mahjong. (29/01)

Sportscn Partners with Mahjong Time

Mahjong Time, an online mahjong gaming Software Company, recently announced that they have partnered with Sportscn. Sportscn will be a licensee of Mahjong Time’s game software. An exclusive agreement was signed that will provide Sportscn with a stream of revenue from a real four player mahjong game. (27/01)

Xbox Live Arcade Adds New Mahjong Game

Xbox Live is a way for Xbox gamers to play their favorite games online with friends or just enjoy by themselves. Along with an Xbox Live subscription players are given access to the Xbox Live Arcade. Players can then download games to their Xbox and begin playing instantly after download. The newest game added to the Xbox Live Arcade is FunTown Mahjong. (21/01)

Chinese Officials Blow Public Funds on Mahjong and Soccer

According to state media reports from China, several officials from the Guangdong province have been investigated for gambling away public funds. It has been reported that the officials gambled more than $3 million in public funds. (12/01)

Mahjong Player Dies from Heart Attack

Many gamblers find themselves playing long marathon sessions of their favorite games. No matter what your pleasure it is very easy to play for hours before you even realize how long you have been playing the game. This can happen in poker, blackjack and even mahjong. (09/01)

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