World Mahjong Masters Results
The game of mahjong is one that is extremely popular with the Asian culture as well as gamers across the globe. The game is one that has lasted centuries, with players enjoying the game in many forms including board game form. The game has been known to get outrageous at times even causing people to become dehydrated, get into fights and even kill people. Thankfully, there are fun outlets for the game, including the 2014 World Mahjong Masters tournament.

This competition recently finished up in the Yunnan Province. The event took place from the 6th to the 8th of June and saw 140 players competing in the tournament from ten different areas across the globe. The event took place over three days and had $16,000 up for grabs. Several world champions came back to take a shot at the newcomers and several of the entrants were seniors.

Coming back for the event is the former 2nd World Mahjong Championship winner Jiao Linghua, who is a veteran Chinese player at the age of 59. This is just one of many players who attended the event and was competing for one of the cash prizes.

The traditional board game of mahjong is played with tiles or cards with 144 of either type. Players will see the tiles or cards covered with Chinese characters and ornate images. The tiles or cards must then be matched to then clear the board. The game is similar to poker and provides players with an outlet for entertainment or gambling.

The championship was a great success and only continues to show how the game of mahjong continues to be a top game for gamblers. The event will be back in action next year and it will be exciting to see if even more players sign up to compete in the top mahjong event.

- 2014-06-24

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