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Mahjong Fan Dies During Long Gaming Session

The game of mahjong is one that has been around for centuries. For hundreds of years, the game has been played in homes across the globe. Originating in Asia, the game has taken a strong hold on Asian gamblers. Players enjoy the game on a regular basis and play for money or for fun. The game can also be enjoyed online but in Asia, it is not uncommon to see the game played in board form. (26/08)

Chinese Team Fails at World Mahjong Championship

The World Mahjong Championship is an event that players from around the world look forward to. The event proves who the best of the best are when it comes to mahjong. Players look forward to playing on a team and representing their home country. Every year, the Chinese team is expected to do well because mahjong is an Asian game. However, the team failed miserably this year, finishing in a very low place. (22/07)

Mahjong Fun with Massages and Swimming in China

Asian players have long enjoyed the game of mahjong. The game was created in Asia and has been a popular game online as well as in board game form. The game was created in board game form first, where players must match tiles on the game board to win. In today’s time, players can take part in enjoying the game of mahjong online for easy game play, even playing the game for money. (15/07)

Mahjong Attacker Confesses On Television

The game of mahjong is one in which the Asian culture truly embraces and plays on a regular basis. Across the area of China, there are mahjong parlors where players can enjoy the game with friends, family or complete strangers. Just a few days ago, a young man entered such a facility and decided to attack the players with an ax. The man was one of three who attacked a facility in Xinjiang and has now apologized for his actions. (01/07)

World Mahjong Masters Results

The game of mahjong is one that is extremely popular with the Asian culture as well as gamers across the globe. The game is one that has lasted centuries, with players enjoying the game in many forms including board game form. The game has been known to get outrageous at times even causing people to become dehydrated, get into fights and even kill people. Thankfully, there are fun outlets for the game, including the 2014 World Mahjong Masters tournament. (24/06)

Mahjong Player Makes Horrible Life Decisions

We constantly report on the game of mahjong and how players can make very rash and crazy decisions when playing the game. In board form, the game can be quite addicting, especially to those in the Asian community. Players have been known to dehydrate themselves, not eat even rob people and get into fights when playing the game. Just recently, a player from the southeast area of China made several wrong decision that now has him in jail. (19/05)

New Mahjong Option Released by TabTale

TabTale is a popular gaming company that creates applications and education games. A second game was recently launched by the company and was published by the Crazy Labs label which is owned by the company as well. The game was created with the title Tip Tap Monsters and is a unique version of the game of mahjong. (14/05)

Mahjong Solitaire Spawns New Mahjong Card Game

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed in many forms. From board game to online and even mobile game play, the game can be enjoyed in several different ways. A new version of mahjong was recently released by a Dutch Indie developer called Mahjong Cards 1.0 and is available for the iPad. This new game takes the standard game of mahjong and changes it to a card style game. (06/05)

Mahjong Thrives on Social Media

The game of mahjong is one that can be enjoyed in many different forms. The game is most well known in board form and was first created in Asia centuries. The game is one of the oldest still played today and many enjoy making friendly wagers over the outcome. Mahjong competition can get quite intense with players going with eating and drinking even fighting with their competitors over moves! Just recently a mahjong option on social media giant Facebook has gained in popularity, being one of the top games available. (14/04)

Child Brings Thousands to School for Mahjong Game

The game of mahjong is one that has lasted centuries and well beyond what many would have expected. The game first started out in board form and was made popular in Asia before moving across the globe. The game is now enjoyed in live form and online for both play and for money. In the Asian culture, the game is played on a daily basis and can become quite addicting. (10/03)

Microsoft Mahjong a Big Hit Among Gamers

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed by the young and old. The game can be played for fun or for money, online or in board game form. No matter what version you play, you are sure to have a fun and entertaining time. A recent release by Microsoft is taking the game by storm as more and more players opt to enjoy this version of mahjong. (05/02)

Mahjong Lottery Player Earns Big Win

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed on a regular basis by gamers in many different forms. The game is one that can be played online, in board game form and even in lottery form. Players will find the game can be played almost anywhere for fun or for money. (14/01)

China Province Offers Unique Gambling Dining Experience

Across the globe, there are many different dining experiences for visitors to enjoy. Travelers are always looking for exciting and interesting dining experiences and gamblers now have a very unique option in the Shanxi province of China. A new restaurant has opened that offers a casino themed dining experience. (02/01)

Mahjong Shut Down causes Senior Revolt

Mahjong is a favorite game in the Asian culture and can be seen taking place in many different areas and provinces. One area is cracking down on illegal mahjong game play and over one hundred people were arrested last week as part of a mahjong sting operation. Eleven parlors were raided and the people were arrested in the Shau Kei Wan area. (09/12)

Mahjong Player Tries to Cheat Game Room

The game of mahjong is not one that is able to avoid controversy. There is just something about the game that causes players to act strange. The most recent crazy mahjong story to be released comes from Nape. It was recently reported that a casino in Nape was reviewing surveillance footage and noticed a player cheating during mahjong game play. (03/12)

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